about the chef


Growing up in Australia my love for cooking began at an early age. Dad kept an organic vegetable garden and grew the best tasting sun-ripened tomatoes I have ever tasted. Hand picking vegetables from our garden gave me a profound respect and gratitude for nature’s offerings. Grown in healthy soil, the vegetables were full of vibrance and flavor. It just doesn’t get better than that.

As I grew older my passion developed as I travelled throughout Europe and South-East Asia leading me to learn more about different cuisines which both inspired and enhanced my international repertoire.

I worked in kitchens in Australia and the U.S. for 11 years before I launched my personal chef business in NYC creating personalized weekly meals for my clients as well as catering for events, dinner and cocktail parties.

I have a Diploma in Nutrition (Australia), giving me the ability to create meals that support wellbeing. It gives me great joy cooking for others and I focus my efforts on planning meals that are not only creative and delicious but well balanced.

I promote cooking with local, seasonal and organic ingredients.